Tuesday, January 17, 2006

UTI Server News

OK, it turns out that it was a hard drive failure in the server that UTI and all of the domains that I host reside within. My service provider is restoring all the data from last night's backup to a brand-new hard drive and they expect it to be up and running soon.

*crossing my fingers*


Alon Levy said...

So there won't be any loss of data like the one that happened at the last crash?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm sorry to hear of your HD problems. I answered your question here. Education without thought is a dangerous thing.

Brent Rasmussen said...

tfwy: Did you happen to notice the date on this post? More than two years ago.

The "UTI Annex" is exactly what it sounds like - an annex to UTI. "UTI" stands for "Unscrewing The Inscrutable", which is my main blog. Here:


Momo said...

And I thought UTI was a urinary tract infection--no wonder I'm considered a dumbass...

Martie of


PS Dont tell anyone I was here--I might get a spanking. Oh wait--thats a GOOD thing. Dont tell anyone--he might ask for his ring back

Brent Rasmussen said...

Hi Martie,

Thanks for dropping by the UTI Annex. Check out my main blog Unscrewing The Inscrutable here if you'd like - but only if you're not going to get in trouble! ;)